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Similar to the event ideas page, this is a collection of ideas we are keeping until a good opportunity to organize them comes along. Seminars are like classes: the instructor should know the topic very well and be able to teach others step by step. However, you may suggest topics here even if you are not ready to teach about them yourself - we will see if someone else would be able to!

Once a seminar receives its own page it should be deleted from this list.

Topic Description Potential Instructors Material Cost Requirements
3D Design Basics: Meshmixer digital sculpting from scratch or based on a 3D scan Lukas - laptop & mouse
3D Design Basics: Onshape browser-based parametric design - laptop & mouse
3D Scanning Basics: Photogrammetry calculate shapes from a series of photos (AKA "structure from motion") Lukas - camera, laptop & mouse
3D Scanning Basics: Kinect infrared depth sensor coupled with digital camera - Xbox "Kinect" camera, laptop & mouse
Robot Arm Construction LittleArm or MeArm Mitja servos, Arduino, CNC made parts Arduino knowledge
Hand Tool Woodworking Basics learn to use planes, chisels, hand saws - what would be a good example project? Lukas wood? (scrap wood might be enough)
Hand Tool Joinery lap, bridle, mortise and tenon, dovetails - what would be good example project(s)? Lukas (eventually) wood? (scrap wood might be enough) Hand Tool Woodworking Basics
Woodturning Basics learn to prepare stock and use the wood lathe - what would be a good example project? wood
Raspberry Pi learn how to work with this mini computer, GUI vs. SSH, python, GPIO access & protocols (I²C, SPI, etc.), example projects? Andi, Martin 1 pi/person , 1 breadboard/person, electronic components (resistors, LEDs, jumper cables, etc.)
tree trunk candle holders make simple but attractive tealight holders out of a log Lukas wood
"printing on wood" basic wood cutting(?) and sanding, artwork transfer (toner from paper) Lukas? wood, "mod podge"(?) none, could even be made safe for children
Debug Arduino Debug code on Arduino during runtime with Atmel ICE debugger Blacksheep - Just your time
MediaWiki Basics understand how MediaWiki works, with our wiki as recurring example Lukas - 70 % prepared - laptop
PlatformIO Developing for microcontrollers with a proper IDE Martin - Laptop

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