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Want to tell other Makers about something you learned? To hold a seminar, talk to one of the managers.

We have also collected some seminar ideas already!

If you want to learn how to use a power tool or machine, please talk to a tutor and you will quickly get an introduction.

Past Seminars

Here is an overview of what happened so far. Below the list you can find pages of past seminars with slides that may help you to get started - but of course attending in person is always more effective (if possible).

Month Topic
12/2017 Introduction to 3D printing, featuring Cookie Cutters
01/2018 Introduction to Fusion 360
03/2018 Introduction to Arduino
03/2018 Introduction to Fusion 360 (focus on technical part design)
05/2018 ESP8266 Seminar
06/2018 Microcontroller Hacking Night
07/2018 Introduction to Fusion 360
08/2018 Introduction to Fusion 360
01/2019 Fusion 360
02/2019 PlatformIO Seminar
02/2019 Arduino (Bobby Car parking sensor)
03/2019 MediaWiki Basics
05/2019 Introduction to Fusion 360
06/2019 KiCad Seminar
10/2019 Einstieg in das Langholzdrechseln
07/2020 Künstliche Intelligenz in der Medizin
10/2020 Upcycling: Palettenholz aufbereiten
11+12/2020 Linoprint with Laser Engraving
08/2021 Urban Gardening
08/2021 Linoprint with Laser Engraving
10/2023 Sprechende Pflanze programmieren
4/2024 Introduction to Autodesk Fusion