Microcontroller Hacking Night

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On Friday, 8. June from 19:00 we'll have the opportunity for a seminar on microcontroller programming using the STM32 platform.

About the seminar:

Many electronic devices nowadays use microcontrollers to enable complex control and operation of sensors, relays, servos, motors and other equipment. Especially in the Maker-Community these microcontrollers, in combination with easy to use programming interfaces (like Arduino), enabled the possibility for some awesome projects. In this seminar there will be an introduction to programming STM32 microcontrollers and the option to play around with various sensors and motors, which may be useful in future projects.

Please bring a laptop (>100MB hard drive space).

To register just send an email to info@comaking.space.

The seminar will be given by: Arrow Electronics - Joachim Klein


19:00 Introduction in programming of STM32 microcontroller
20:45 Break
21:00 Free Hacking with support, testing of own ideas/projects, various IO/sensors to try out
Open End