PlatformIO Seminar

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In February 2019, we hosted the first version of our PlatformIO Seminar.

In this seminar, the participants learn the basics of PlatformIO, the differences to the Arduino IDE and how to create and flash their first programs.

Please see the following details for hosting the seminar again:


Microcontroller programming with PlatformIO You´re interested in supporting your electronics projects with a microcontroller? Maybe you even started with some development using the Arduino IDE? Unfortunately, development with the Arduino IDE can be quite tough, since it is missing some basic features. PlatformIO provides an alternative which enables you to develop for microcontrollers using a regular IDE such as Visual Studio Code. This Seminar is for beginners to the world of microcontroller which want to write their first program as well as for users which are already used to the Arduino IDE and are now looking for alternatives.
Please bring your Laptop. Ideally, you already have Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO installed already.

Microcontroller Programmierung mit PlatformIO Du interessierst dich für die Programmierung von Microcontrollern? Vielleicht hast du auch schon die ersten Versuche mit der Arduino IDE gemacht? Leider kann die Arbeit mit der Arduino IDE recht langwierig werden. PlatformIO bietet eine Alternative, die sich in viele Entwicklungsumgebungen wie zum Beispiel Visual Studio Code integrieren lässt. Dieses Seminar richtet sich an Einsteiger in die Welt der Microcontroller, die hier ihr erstes Programm schreiben. Auch Fortgeschrittene mit Erfahrung mit der Arduino IDE aber ohne Erfahrung mit PlatformIO sind hier gut aufgehoben.
Bitte bringe deinen Laptop mit. Idealerweise hast Du Visual Studio Code und PlatformIO bereits installiert.


In the first seminar, we needed approximately 2 hours, because everybody already had PlatformIO installed


As always, please see how to organize an event for general information. We had good experiences with hosting the seminar on Eventbrite and limiting the amount of tickets.
Please find a picture for your advertisment on GitHub

Needed Materials

You will need Microcontrollers and USB-cables for all participants. Please check the E-Bench for available ones.
The slides are targeted on ESP8266.


The slides are available on GitHub. Please ensure you know how to set up the code you will need.


  • Include a chapter about microcontrollers in general
  • Further Ideas from instructables