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Typical NodeMCU development board, carrying an ESP8266-12E chip in addition to a voltage regulator and an USB/UART bridge for easy programming

ESP8266 was initially intended as a serial port to wifi bridge, but can also be used as standalone microcontroller. There is even support for Arduino IDE.

Buyers Guide

For first projects get a development board like "Wemos D1 mini" (quite a few GPIO pins, requires some easy soldering) or "NodeMCU" (more GPIO pins, comes with presoldered pin headers).

Firmware Options

Development Tools

  • ESPlorer integrated development environment mostly useful for AT, Lua and MicroPython development
  • Arduino integrated development environment
  • ESPtool Python package

Advanced Hacking

If you just need a superfast cheap microcontroller without wifi, check out nodsk8266.


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