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Most microcontrollers use the serial protocol to communicate with other device and/or get flashed.

If you want to use a computer in order to communicate with a microcontroller, you will need a USB-Serial adapter. While these are often available on the board already (in case you use the development boards), you might have the need to use one of the specific USB-Serial Converters.



PL2303 USB Serial Converter

Type: PL2303
Used with: PC, Microcontroller
Location: E-Bench
Access: upon reading

The PL2303 is a cheap chip which is the base for many USB-Serial Converters. We have some available in the CoMakingSpace which you can use for temporary projects.

The ones we have are based on the PL-2303 XA/HXA chip. Unfortunately, the latest official drivers do not support Windows 10 anymore (see here).

However, somebody uploaded an old driver version to a wordpress blog, which makes the chips work on Windows 10. Of course, use this at your own risk.



CH340 USB Serial Converter

Type: CH340
Used with: PC, Microcontroller

The cheap USB serial module CH340 is not supported by default in Windows. You need to install the drivers manually.