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3D Printed Cookie Cutters

Status: done & turned into a seminar
Release Date: spring 2015
Initiator: Lukas
Materials Used: PLA
Tools Used: 3D printer
Software Used: Cookie Caster or Inkscape & Tinkercad
Approx. Cost: cents

Designing custom cookie cutters is a great start into 3D printing without any prior experience. Besides access to a 3D printer, you only need a laptop and a couple of ideas!

This project is especially well suited for children and it's great fun to test the newly printed cookie cutters right away!


Start by drawing the outline of a cutter on Cookie Caster. This simple web tool turns any 2D path into a 3D cookie cutter with the desired dimensions and a rim to press it into the dough more easily.

A path can be created by hand using the "pen" tool and the "add/delete points" (+ and -) buttons in the top right hand corner or by automatically tracing a picture of your choice. Using this so-called "magic trace" function can be very quick if used on a silhuette or clip-art image but will prevent you from changing single points or curves later on.

two steps in the freehand drawing of an egg - blue dots are corners, orange dots define curves

When the basic cutter is done, download the file with these recommended settings (for stable, but sharp walls):

  • Max Size: Small (2-3")
  • Height: 0.65"
  • Thickness: Extra Thin (1 mm)

Now we could already print this file or add internal shapes using Tinkercad.

after a few hours, some rather detailed cookie molds are ready for testing