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Panasonic PT-F300NTE

Panasonic PT F300NT.jpg
Synonyms: DE: Beamer
Type: display
Used with: laptops etc. with VGA output (or HDMI with an adapter)
Location: common room
Access: upon reading
Status: working
Software: PC: Wireless Manager ME 6.4
Mobile: Panasonic Wireless Projector
Manual: several
ceiling mount, inspired by a Makezine article

We mounted a projector to our common room ceiling (using this system) to use during seminars and similar demonstrations.

Regular usage

Simply hook up your laptop's VGA port to the cable hanging down from the chain and turn on the projector, it should find your input automatically. HDMI or other modern inputs are unfortunately not accepted (we do have an VGA to HDMI adapter. If you are having trouble with the adapter, check the potential problem with Windows devices.

Network Access


The Panasonic PT-F300NTE can be controlled via the network. It provides a web interface at which can be used to select the input, adjust settings, etc. As a user name, use either "user1" or "admin1". The password is "panasonic". These are the default settings made by panasonic.

Stream from your Computer

In addition, the screen of your computer can be streamed to the projector via the network. In order to do this, you have to download the software from panasonic. In the software, make sure you select the projector with the IP (you might have to enter the IP manually).

Stream from a Mobile Device

If you want to use your mobile device, panasonic provides apps for both Android and iOS. Please select your operating system on this page. In a first test it kind of worked, but has not been very fast or stable (not even talking about user-friendliness). However, it might be enough if you just want to put an image to the wall.

Potential upgrades

  • adapters for VGA (male) to other video ports (male)
  • DVI cable
  • Adapter DVI to other digital video ports (e.g. HDMI)