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Lathe-Powered Disc Sander

Disc sander test.JPG
Status: under construction for a looong time
Initiator: Lukas

Lukas is building a disc sander that is driven by the "Güde 1000" wood lathe! It is used with 250 mm sanding discs (velcro, no holes).

It should not be that hard to do but the awkward work angle may be a disadvantage.

build progress:

  1. sanding disc ✔
    • find out which maximum size would fit on the lathe - 320 mm according to its wiki page ✔
    • find out which sizes of sanding discs (Schleifscheiben) are common and affordable in that range - 250 mm (approx. 10") looks good ✔
    • make a faceplate for the lathe ✔
    • apply velcro disc ✔
    • do a bit of test sanding ✔
  2. table
    • sturdy box that can be mounted on the lathe bed
    • miter fence
    • dust extraction
    • (optional?) tilting top
  3. commissioning


Comparable tools are run with speeds between 250 and 750 m/min. Therefore, only the lowest speed of the lathe should be used to drive the sanding disc (850 rpm -> approx. 667 m/min at the edge).