Sanding Discs

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Sanding Discs

Synonyms: DE: Schleifscheiben
Type: power sanding medium
Material: wood, metal
Used with: eccentric sanders, disc sander, belt and disc sander
Location: wood workshop
Similar (More or Less): sanding belts, sandpaper

Typical sanding disc sizes are 120 or 150 mm. We are not currently keeping them in stock so you should be prepared to bring your own.

If you plan to remove paint, make sure to use special discs that don't clog as easily (usually with a white coating)! A spatula or a plane is usually more appropriate for this kind of work, though.

Dust Extraction Holes

The eccentric sanders we currently have available use discs with 8 holes. Bauhaus only sells discs with 6 holes in the wrong locations, however with a hole punch they can be "converted" to fit the 8-hole sanders.