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This is a wish list page - we don't have this tool yet!


Disc Sander

Disc sander test.JPG
Synonyms: disk sander; DE: Tellerschleifer, Schleifteller
Type: sander
Status: under construction
Material: wood
Used with: 250 mm sanding discs (velcro, no holes)
Location: Lukas (proper place TBD)
Access Requirements: help finish the build ;-)

Lukas is building a disc sander that is driven by the "Güde 1000" wood lathe! It should not be that hard to do but the awkward work angle may be a disadvantage.

build progress:

  1. sanding disc ✔
    • find out which maximum size would fit on the lathe - 320 mm according to its wiki page ✔
    • find out which sizes of sanding discs (Schleifscheiben) are common and affordable in that range - 250 mm (approx. 10") looks good ✔
    • make a faceplate for the lathe ✔
    • apply velcro disc ✔
    • do a bit of test sanding ✔
  2. table
    • sturdy box that can be mounted on the lathe bed
    • miter fence
    • dust extraction
    • (optional?) tilting top
  3. commissioning


Comparable tools are run with speeds between 250 and 750 m/min. Therefore, only the lowest speed of the lathe should be used to drive the sanding disc (850 rpm -> approx. 667 m/min at the edge).


Sandpaper can be restored a few times before it is used up by briefly sanding a piece of rubber! Instead of proper cleaning sticks you can apparently get great results with the sole of an old shoe - any donors? ;-)