Belt and Disc Sander

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Belt and Disc Sander

Synonyms: belt and disk sander,
belt and disc sanding machine (BDSM);
DE: Band- und Tellerschleifer (oder Schleifteller)
Material: wood, metal
Used with: sanding belts,
sanding discs
Access Requirements: Stationary Sander Introduction
Manual: in wooden box below the machine /
similar machine on manualslib
Tutors: Lukas
Similar (More or Less): belt sander, disc sander

This type of machine is helpful for all sanding tasks that require a fixed angle. Both sander sides often have adjustable sanding tables and a slot for a miter gauge to guide your workpiece in a defined agle against the sanding disc or belt.


Always make sure to adhere to all precautions trained during the stationary sander introduction.


The machine does not require extensive maintenance. Service malfunctions and defects by trained persons only. Regular maintenance:

  • After each workshift: Remove chips and sanding dust from the device
  • After 10 hours of operation: Check all screw connections and tighten if necessary

Refer to the manual in order learn more about the process to change the grinding belt and the disc.

Sandpaper Cleaning

Sandpaper can be restored a few times before it is used up by briefly sanding a piece of rubber! Instead of proper cleaning sticks you can apparently get great results with the sole of an old shoe - any donors? ;-)