Belt Sander

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A belt sander removes material rather aggressively with the risk of leaving visible sanding marks (lines). However, sometimes power is what you need to tackle rough workpieces, so this machine will be a great addition for woodworking as well as other projects as it can also be used to grind metals. There are even advantages over stone-based grinders such as the larger surface and no chance of exploding stones. Belts may rip and fly off though, especially if they are installed in the wrong direction.


although a belt sander can be clamped very carefully in a woodworking vise, we should really make a proper stand for such stationary uses!

The Spanish Maker Román Palma shared instructions for a nifty three-position stand in Make: magazine, see the article and video here!

With such a stand we could use a handheld belt sander like a stationary sander (although we have a real one now!) or as a simple substitute for a planer (DE: Hobelmaschine) or bench grinder.