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"TAC" Boardgame

Status: final tweaks & documentation
Release Date: (mainly) summer 2018
Initiator: Flo
Team: Daniel, Lukas
Materials Used: glued laminated timber
(Eucalyptus diversicolor/"Karri" for 4 players, spruce/fir for 6);
TAC cards & marbles, (optional) felt, olive oil
Tools Used: CNC router, table saw, router table, rotary tool, sandpaper
Software Used: Fusion 360
Approx. Cost: 40 €

One of Lukas' colleagues kept talking about the game TAC whose inventors offered really nice & expensive deluxe boards but also sets of everything except the board, so we started to make some boards of our own.

Caution - design flaw: if I were to maker another 4-player board, I would rotate the inner part 45° so that each marble depot (circle) has that player's start and finish right in front of it. The original design is confusing in this respect or needs (ugly) auxiliary lines connecting depots and starts.

intended mainly as a rough inspiration page for now, but please ask if you have any questions that are not yet answered below!

Major Steps

You should find more details on these in the gallery below:

  • designing the board layouts (4 and 6-player versions) in Fusion 360, based on photos & downloadable instructions
  • buying the necessary end mills and router bits
  • preparing the stock material to fit on the WorkBee
  • CNC routing the boards
  • cutting & trimming the boards "manually" with table saw and router
    • could have been omitted if we had bought a longer end mill for the outer contour
  • (optional) rounding or chamfering the top edges
  • cleaning up rough routing paths with knives and sandpaper
    • tedious, but easy to do while watching a movie ;-)
    • need for this could be decreased by using other end mills and/or different CAM settings
  • (optional) oiling or otherwise finishing the wood
  • playing the game!


Next Steps

  • make a card holder
  • make a nice rulebook

Other Versions

An American who stumbled across this project page made a double-sided laser cut version and kindly sent us some photos!