Router Bits

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Router Bits

Synonyms: router cutters; DE: Oberfräser,
"Schaftfräser für die Holzbearbeitung"
Type: bits
Material: wood
Used with: routers
Location: bring your own for now
Similar (More or Less): end mills

Router bits are special cutters used with handheld routers or in a router table to work on wood.

They are usually NOT compatible with a CNC router which uses end mills!


Router bits can be quite expensive and wear out (verschleißen) over time. We are hoping to have a basic shared set soon but can not guarantee its completeness at any point. Therefore, you should consider getting your own bits if you want to use a router a lot!


The hardened metal cutters need to be sharp for the bit to work properly - dull bits can overheat and ruin your day...

To be researched: where/how can they be sharpened sharpened?


The ball bearings on those bits that have them should rotate freely - check this before every use and apply a few drops of a suitable lubricant if necessary!

Available at the Space

We currently share a simple set of pretty standard, but low quality router bits. There should be a wooden backup box in the storage room.

our current (simple) shared set of router bits

Besides this selection, Lukas might let you borrow one of his end mills/router bits for a beer or so ;-)

And maybe some other members would share, too?

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