Router Bits

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Router Bits

Synonyms: router cutters; DE: Oberfräser,
"Schaftfräser für die Holzbearbeitung"
Type: bits
Material: wood
Used with: routers
Location: chop saw station (wood workshop)
Access Requirements: read this page
Similar (More or Less): end mills

Router bits are special cutters used with handheld routers or in a router table to work on wood.

Many types are NOT compatible with a CNC router which uses end mills by default!

Common Types

  • "straight" (Nutfräser)
    • caution: often can't plunge straight into the workpiece (no blade across the center) - enter from the side or, if you have to, in a shallow slope
    • alternative: straight end mills
  • "guided" (Fräser mit Anlaufkugellager)
    • have a bearing that prevents taking too much off the side of a workpiece
    • caution: make sure the bearing is well-oiled and rotates freely at all times; use a starting pin when operating this kind of bit on the router table without a fence; avoid routing across holes to reduce the chance of sudden kickback!
  • "dovetail"
  • "V-groove"


Router bits can be quite expensive and wear out (verschleißen) over time. Misuse, e.g. running them on the CNC router with the wrong parameters, will unnecessarily speed this up and the person responsible should take care of replacements!


The hardened metal cutters need to be sharp for the bit to work properly - dull bits can overheat and ruin your day...

To be researched: where/how can they be sharpened sharpened?


The ball bearings on those bits that have them should rotate freely - check this before every use and apply a few drops of a suitable lubricant if necessary!

Available at the Space

We currently share a simple set of pretty standard, but low quality router bits (8 mm shaft). There is also a wooden backup box in the storage room for the first round of replacements, but we can not guarantee its completeness at any point. Therefore, you should consider getting your own bits and/or donating some if you need a particular kind!

our current (simple) shared set of router bits

Besides this selection, Lukas might let you borrow one of his end mills/router bits for a beer or so ;-)

And maybe some other members would share, too?

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