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Under "bits" we sum up all small interchangeable tool accessories.

Drill Bits

Screwdriver Bits

Screwdriver bits are often magnetic and have a hexagonal shaft that fits into the appropriate bit screwdriver. The common 1/4" variety can also be driven by cordless drills or a socket wrench (adapter available).

Milling Cutters

End Mills

End mills (DE: Schaftfräser) are very sharp bits that are used with our CNC router or CNC mill. They come in many forms for different applications and materials (usually metals).

Router Bits

Router bits are special end mills that are only suitable for wood, often produce defined profiles and may be equipped with bearings as guides.
A basic set of Router bits is available at the CoMakingSpace:
Router Bits.JPG


Sockets are bits that fit on the square pin of a socket wrench.

Rotary Tool Bits

Best used at high speeds, these bits are often quite small and may exhibit exotic burr or sander shapes. Small grinding discs or polishers are also available.

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