Hole Saws

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Hole Saws

Hole saw.JPG
Synonyms: hole cutter bits; DE: Lochsägen, Kreisbohrer,
Dosenbohrer, Bohrkronen, Topfsägen,
Type: bits/saws
Material: depends on type (wood, concrete or even metals)
Used with: drills
Location: drilling table
Access: upon reading
Tutors: Lukas

Hole saws are drill bits that consist of a saw blade holder and a central pilot drill bit which determines the position of the hole. Often, interchangeable saw blades are locked on the holder one at a time.

We currently have a set of wood hole saws that can cut 44 mm deep and 26, 32, 39, 45, 51, 58 or 64 mm in diameter.

There is significant kickback when (mis-)using this tool, take the time do it right!

Proper Use

Put only a single saw blade into the holder when you want to use it!

Use a drill at relatively high speed but little pressure.

drilling speeds
max rpm
26 - 39 mm 1200
45 - 58 mm 1000
64 mm 800

No hammering drill can be used to saw holes.

Besides keeping the saws intact, please take personal safety precautions and wear safety goggles!

Past Issues

2018-3: the screw broke out of the aluminum blade holder - fixed by drilling/tapping a new hole opposite of it