Hole Saws

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Hole Saws

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Synonyms: bell saws, hole cutter bits; DE: Lochsägen,
Kreisbohrer, Dosenbohrer, Bohrkronen,
Topfsägen, Lochkranzbohrer
Type: bits/saws
Material: depends on saw type
(wood, concrete or even metals)
Used with: drills
Location: drilling table
(wood workshop)
Access Requirements: read this page
Tutors: Lukas

Hole saws are drill bits that consist of a saw blade holder and a central pilot drill bit which determines the position of the hole. Often, interchangeable saw blades are locked on the holder one at a time.

If you need guidance without the pilot drill bit (e.g. when cutting around a hole that is already larger than the pilot drill bit, or if you need discs without a hole), try clamping a template cut with the same hole saw on top of your workpiece. [1]

There is significant kickback when (mis-)using this tool, take the time do it right!

Proper Use

Use a drill at relatively high speed but little pressure. Make sure to provide horizontal guidance so the saw does not "walk" around: use the pilot drill (inside), a template (outside) and/or drill press.

drilling speeds
max rpm
26 - 39 mm 1200
45 - 58 mm 1000
64 mm 800

No hammering drill can be used to saw holes.

Besides keeping the saws intact, please take personal safety precautions and wear safety goggles!

Available Sizes

Bosch "Progressor Electrician" set: 19, 25, 38, 44, 68, 83 mm in diameter

  • can be expanded with further saws that are compatible with the Bosch "Power Change Plus" system! short video