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Metal Rose

Metal rose 00.jpg
Status: finished
Release Date: July 2022
Initiator: Lukas
Materials Used: scrap aluminum sheets, aluminum tube;
dome nut
Tools Used: M6 die, step drill bit, scribing compass,
ruler, snips, hammer, file, needle-nose pliers
Approx. Cost: a few cents (mostly scrap metal)

This metal rose can be made entirey with hand tools and is a great beginner's metalworking project! No forging, welding or brazing required - not even glue!

Full disclosure: I did not come up with this design, just saved this awesome instructable in my "ideas" folder until I could use it for an anniversary: Make a Metal Rose without Welding and Forging

Please refer to that link for detailed instructions - but I thought I'd also share my experience here :-)

Notes & Photos

Attaching the leaves was tricky - maybe I should have used rivets instead, this way I broke off several thin sections before arriving at a functioning "wrap-around"...