Project:Resized Wardrobe Drawers

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Resized Wardrobe Drawers

Resized wardrobe drawers 00.jpg
Status: build done, now documenting
Release Date: Oct 2018
Initiator: Lukas
Materials Used: film faced plywood, melamine, pine plywood,
dowel pegs, wood screws, drawer slides
Tools Used: table saw, router table, cordless drill,
marking gauge
Approx. Cost: approx. 15 € for wood, 20 € for slides

Our wardrobe (forgot from which furniture store) had two drawers that were 36 cm deep, but there was room for 54 cm - wasted potential for a 50 % increase of usable space!

Of course, that had to be changed and I tackled this project as soon as we got our first router table running in the CoMakingSpace.


  • originally wanted to replace just the sides, but different style of slides, higher walls & thicker bottom desired
  • slides a bit harder to install than expected, had to move them up a few times
    • but move nicely & can hold way more than they ever will have to
  • warped shelf above (stupid chipboard...) made a re-cut necessary
  • fronts seemed to hold very strongly without wood glue at first, but had to be glued on after a few months - just do yourself a favor and glue them on as soon as you're sure everything fits!

Build Photos