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Wax Cloth to Wrap Food

Wax wrap Vader.JPG
Status: planning
Release Date: late 2018 (documentation pending)
Initiator: Lukas
Materials Used: beeswax, kitchen towels (or straight fabric)
Tools Used: scissors, flatiron (Bügeleisen)
Approx. Cost: 12 € (fabric) + ??? € (wax) for ??? wraps

In order to reduce our use of aluminum foil and cling foil (Frischhaltefolie) even more, my wife and I want to make some beeswax-impregnated wrapping cloth. It should be affordable and easily made so it can be copied by others and given away as a small present.


  • beeswax
  • cotton fabric
    • some scraps
    • two 140 × 60 cm pieces from Stoff-Ideen (Plöck)
      • strawberries: 125 g/m²
      • yellow: 131 g/m²

Starting Points

search terms:

  • Wachstücher/Bienenwachstücher
  • wax wrap

DIY instructions:

commercial options: