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Synonyms: cloth; DE: Stoff, Gewebe, Tuch
Suggested Tools: sewing machines, fabric scissors,
punch pliers, sewing needles,
ironing board

There is a whole bunch of different kinds of fabric like linen, silk or velvet. Depending on the type of fabric you are using, you'll need thread and needles of different thickness.


Fabric is usually cut with fabric scissors or special cutting wheels (which we don't have yet).

Technically, a laser cutter would also work but is only worth the effort if you want very delicate patterns.


Besides by sewing, you can also glue fabric together using a special textile glue.

For non-permanent connections, try buttons, zippers or hook and loop fasteners.


Embroidery is a very nice way of adding custom patterns or labeling to fabric.

You can also print things on fabric, e.g. on linen shopping bags. There are different techniques of printing, one prominent easy example being the potato print.

Many fabrics can also be engraved with a laser cutter, but we have not tried this ourselves yet and you should keep in mind that laser engraving is basically burning which may weaken your piece.


Molton (or "Duvetyne") is a heavy, usually black fabric used commonly in event settings.

Something special about Molton is that you don't need to cut it - it will rip easily in both strand directions!