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two of our members creating new media about jigsaws

We rely on many open tools and instructions, so why not give something back? It would be great if you could give some insight into how your ideas are becoming reality, no matter how far you already are. Maybe someone even has an idea to help you out if you are stuck!

Maybe you also know a thing or two about safety, or a more efficient way to use something than we have written before? Pretty much anything might be helpful at some point!

Getting Started

As you can see when browsing this wiki, it is still very much under construction. Here are a few ideas if you would like to help change that:

  • contact the administrators to get an account with editing rights
  • create a simple user page with a means to contact you
    • if you validate your eMail address, other logged in users can also reach you through a link in the toolbox on the left
    • likewise, you may get help from other active users if you get in touch with them
  • create new pages by following red links or entering the desired page name into the search field
  • use the Talk pages if you are unclear about something
  • you may find inspiration in other pages here or on Wikipedia - they are using the same wiki package
  • link pages (especially "lonely pages") where relevant to enable easy navigation
  • help with the more tricky things, e.g. custom InfoBoxes

help pages:

example pages: