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"Schneckchen" Mechanical Coin Bank

Schneckchen first.jpg
Status: in progress
Release Date: first version: July 2016
Initiator: Mitja
Team: Lukas
Materials Used: plywood, acrylic glass, wood screws,
wood glue
Tools Used: scroll saw, cordless drill,
fretsaw, files, sandpaper

We got plans for a "Schneckchen" coin bank and used our scroll saw for a first attempt. It did not really work out...

Cutting all the pieces and aligning the mechanical parts correctly turned out to be harder than expected, but we finished it in time. Some parts should be redone, namely the ratcheting wheel (DE: Sperrrad) which has been drilled at an angle (didn't have a drill press) and the third layer when viewed from the transparent side which was not cut from thick enough plywood.

Some changes to the original plans may greatly improve the functionality of this or a future build:

  • brass rods should have caps (like loose rivets) where they hold two moving pieces together as they may otherwise fall out
  • the brass rod used to drive the mechanism slips within the wooden crank which could probably be fixed by filing the corresponding area to a triangular shape and decreasing the size of the hole
    • slipping also occurs within the gears further inside the snail, but decreasing the hole size won't work here as the gears are not located at an end of the rod