Project:Spartan Holders

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"Spartan" Pencil/Knife Holders

Spartan knife holder 00.jpg
Status: somewhat in progress
Release Date: first version: Dec 2020
Initiator: Lukas
Materials Used: plywood
Tools Used: laser cutter
Software Used: Inkscape
Approx. Cost: time, not money...

No, this page is not about holders for Spartans! I made a Spartan shaped knife holder and want to adapt the design to several other holders as well.

My ideas going into this project:

First Version (Knife Holder)

Just when I was about to design my Spartan mostly from scratch, I found an Instructable that hits many of my targets already. I vectorized the design to be able to laser cut it out of 6 mm poplar plywood. If the original author is okay with it, I'll share the files once they're all cleaned up!

  • changes:
    • duplicated the 12 mm patterns to cut everything from 6 mm plywood
    • "Tonight, we dine in HELL" added to the base (font: Levi Brush which is somewhat similar to the "300" movie logo)
    • knife slots made a little more random (angled)
    • manually cut & charred scratch across the right eye
  • nice scroll saw trick to try out: blade wrapped in sandpaper I don't think I ended up doing that, actually