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3D Model of the CoMakingSpace

CoMS Model 2020-5.png
Status: feel free to add something!
Release Date: first in 2017, new model with the 2019 move
Initiator: Lukas
Team: Martin, Johannes, Kim, Patrick,
who else would like to help?
Tools Used: measuring tape, yardsticks
Software Used: Sweet Home 3D, SketchUp

When we found our old location in the summer of 2017, Lukas created a 3D model from the blueprints so we could estimate which room would be suitable for which purpose.

Now, we could think about updating and prettifying the new "Siemensstraße" model to use it for some advertising (e.g. on a roll-up poster)!


The entire model lives in Sweet Home 3D, and pieces of equipment can be imported from SketchUp.

If there is interest in making this model more accurate, we could do a little SketchUp seminar where everyone designs a piece of furniture we have added since the first draft. To try out that software, modeling a shelf or table is a nice soft start ;-)


The current Space model (Siemensstraße/Pfaffengrund) is available in our CommonFiles repository on Github. Feel free to improve or update anything that doesn't match the current(ly planned) layout. In particular, red shapes may have the wrong dimensions as they were half-guessed during the urgent move and almost no tools and machines are included at the moment. If we can make the model look more like the real thing it could yield a nice "walk-through" animation for our website and social media!

our old space (2017-2019)

The first draft of the Czernyring rooms already included early designs of our own like the first lockers, but also many imports from the SketchUp warehouse. Lukas never shared the SweetHome file as we would have needed to take care of proper attribution of the original authors first, and there did not seem to be much interest in the project at the time...but do let him know if that was a wrong impression and you would still like to see it!