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Here you can find links to all of our pages about "machines". Our definition of "machines" includes pretty much all electric devices and big or small power tools.

Tools, on the other hand, are worked by hand or have only weak batteries, e.g. to power a display or tiny printer.

Most machines are potentially dangerous! Make sure you secure it against accidental starting whenever you work on its parts, e.g. when you want to change a circular saw blade. Also, see if the action you're planning is possible before turning on the motor (check for obstacles, test movement of sliding parts etc). We document specific dangers and precautions in our introductions.

As the list grows we may start subcategories as well, e.g. for machines from the same manufacturer and/or running on the same kind of battery pack.

If that is too confusing and you would rather look through the entire list of the CoMakingSpace's equipment, please head over to the supercategory "Hardware".

2D ScannerHP Scanjet 5500cOffice Supply Shelf
3D PrintersPrusa i3 MK2S (1)3D Printing Area
3D PrintersPrusa i3 MK2S (2)3D Printing Area
3D PrintersPrusa i3 MK2S (3)3D Printing Area
3D PrintersPrusa i3 MK2S (4)3D Printing Area
3D PrintersPrusa i3 MK2S (5)3D Printing Area
3D PrintersPrusa i3 MK2S Multi Material3D Printing Area
3D PrintersPrusa i3 MK3S+Office
3D ScannersFabScanPi3D Printing Area
3D ScannersOpenScan3D Printing Area
Airbrush CompressorHBM AS188Airbrush Area
Belt SanderAEG HBSE100Office
Belt and Disc SanderHolzmann BT 203-914Grinding Table
Bench GrindersNU-POWER MABG 006AMAGrinding Table
Bench GrindersTriton TWSS10Grinding Table
Biscuit JoinerToolson PRO-DF 860Saw Station
CNC MillKress CNCCNC Area
CNC RouterEleksMill3D Printing Area
CNC RouterWorkBeeCNC Area
Chop SawBosch GCM 12 GDLSaw Station
CompressorHerkules Pro-Line Flüsterkompressor Siltek 24Metal Workshop
Corded Disc GrinderMakita 9565 HRZ (1)Metal Workbench
Corded Disc GrinderMakita 9565 HRZ (2)Metal Workbench
Corded DrillsBosch GBM 10 REDrilling Table
Corded DrillsElu BM 11 EDrilling Table
Cordless Disc GrinderMakita DGA511Metal Workbench
Cordless DrillsMakita DDF483 (1)Drilling Table
Cordless DrillsMakita DDF483 (2)Drilling Table
Cordless DrillsMakita DDF484 (1)Drilling Table
Cordless DrillsMakita DDF484 (2)Drilling Table
Delta SanderFestool DTS 400 REQSanding Area
Disc GrindersCorded Disc GrinderMetal Workbench
Disc GrindersCordless Disc GrinderMetal Workbench
Drill PressesScheppach DP 16 SLDrilling Table
Drill PressesZJ5116 TB 16Drilling Table
DrillsCorded DrillsDrilling Table
DrillsCordless DrillsDrilling Table
DrillsDrill PressesDrilling Table
DrillsImpact DrillsDrilling Table
Drying OvensMemmert UM 4003D Printing Area
Metal Workbench
Dust ExtractorsBAMATO AB-550Wood Workshop
Dust ExtractorsFelder AF 14CNC Area
Eccentric SandersBosch GEX 40-150Sanding Area
Eccentric SandersFesto RO 150 EOffice
Eccentric SandersFesto RO 2 ESanding Area
FlatironSeverin BA 9676Gluing Area
FreezerElectrolux EU 1321 TKitchen
FridgeOK OFK 34212 A2Kitchen
Function GeneratorVoltcraft FG-506Electronics Area
Handheld Circular SawsFestool TS 75 EBQSaw Station
Handheld PlanerAlpha Tools BEH600Office
Handheld RoutersFerm FBF-1050ERouter Table
Handheld RoutersMakita 3612BRRouter Table
Handheld RoutersMakita DRT50Router Table
Heat GunSteinel BHP 200/2Metal Workbench
Horizontal BandsawHerkules HMB 4000Metal Workbench
Hot Air Soldering StationXYTronic LF-852DElectronics Area
Hot Glue GunRapid EG212Sewing Area
Hot Glue GunSteinel GluefixGluing Area
Hot Plate StirrerIKA Labortechnik RH basicOffice
Impact DrillsSkil 6365Drilling Table
JigsawsBosch PST 750 PE "EXPO2000"Saw Station
JigsawsParkside PSTD 800 A1Saw Station
Jointer-PlanerHammer A3-31Wood Workshop
Lab Power SuppliesRND 320-KD3005DElectronics Area
Lab Power SuppliesVoltcraft LPS1305Electronics Area
LaminatorRex OL 350-L-17Office Supply Shelf
Laser CutterLaserscript LS6090Laser Area
Laser PrintersHP LaserJet 8150DNSeminar Area
Metal LathesMyford ML7Metal Workshop
Oscillating ToolFein MSxe 636 IISaw Station
OscilloscopeRigol DS1102CDElectronics Area
OvenSamsung NB69R2301RSKitchen
Plastic ShredderPrecious Plastic - ShredderPrecious Plastic Area
ProjectorPanasonic PT-F300NTESeminar Area
Pyrography BurnersIdeal ESHLukas/Bench
Pyrography BurnersParkside PBMK 30 A1Saw Station
Reciprocating SawBosch PFZ 700 PESaw Station
Rotary HammerPakue/Makita HR2440Pakue/Bench
Rotary ToolDremel 4000Metal Workshop
Router TableSauter OFL2.0 Router TableRouter Table
Router TableWestfalia Universal Frästisch Nr. 64 56 97Router Table
SandersBelt and Disc Sander
SandersEccentric Sanders
SandersSheet SandersWood Workshop
SawsHandheld Circular Saws
SawsScroll SawWood Workshop
Scroll SawProxxon DSHSaw Station
Sewing MachineNecchi Typ 559Sewing Area
Sheet SandersBosch PSS 250 AESanding Area
Sheet SandersSKIL 7210 "Fox 2in1"Sanding Area
Shop VacsFestool CTM26 E AC (1)Handheld Wood Tool Area
Shop VacsFestool CTM26 E AC (2)Handheld Wood Tool Area
Shop VacsRainbow E-1Handheld Wood Tool Area
Shop VacsShopVac Super K11-SQ14CNC Area
Sliding Table SawAltendorf F 45
Soldering IronsKSGER T12 V2.1Electronics Area
Soldering IronsMaxTrack ZLS 2Electronics Area
Soldering IronsPACE ADS200Electronics Area
Spin DryerTHOMAS Centri 776 SELPrecious Plastic Area
Table SawElektra Beckum PK 255Wood Workshop
Vertical BandsawsCMI C-S-BS 250Metal Workbench
Vertical BandsawsMetabo BS 1638 WWood Workshop
Vertical BandsawsWoodSter 2 BS 412Office
Water ChillerCW4000Laser Area
Welding TransformerUnknown Welding TransformerWelding Area
Wood LathesHolzmann D 460FWoodturning Area
Wood LathesTyme AvonWoodturning Area

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