Drying Ovens

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Memmert UM 400


Memmert UM 400

Drying oven.JPG
Synonyms: DE: Trockenöfen (Sg. Trockenofen)
Type: Drying Oven
Used with: heat-resistant gloves
Location: 3D Printing Area, Metal Workbench
Access Requirements:
Status: working
Manual: frankshospitalworkshop.com
Similar (More or Less): pizza oven

We got two decommissioned lab drying ovens that can be used like a normal kitchen oven, with the important difference that these ovens are for non-food items.

According to the dials, they could reach a temperature of around 250°C. However, the nominal temperature according to the manufacturer is 220°C.

They have about 38 × 38 × 33 cm (width × height × depth) free space inside (about 2 cm more between the ridges on the sides, top and bottom).

House Rules

Use common sense - a running oven consumes a lot of energy and can even be a fire hazard. Therefore, do not leave an oven running when you leave the Space!


Feel free to try whatever is safe, i.e. certainly won't damage the oven or any people!

So far, members have used these ovens to...

after this scooter part was heated in a drying oven and the bearings were cooled down with freeze spray, the parts slid together easily and became solidly connected once everything was back at the same temperature

It may also be possible to temper metal after hardening - has anyone tried?