Metabo BS 1638 W

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Metabo BS 1638 W


Metabo BS 1638 W

Metabo BS 1638 W.jpg
Material: wood
Used with: 2225 mm bandsaw blades;
bandsaw fence, bandsaw sled
Location: wood workshop
Access Requirements:
Manual: identical(?): Metabo BAS 380 (

The Metabo BS 1638 W (you can probably drop the "W" when searching for accessories) is a three-wheeled bandsaw for 2225 mm bandsaw blades.

DO NOT use the integrated disc sander! A proper [Disc Sander|disc sander] needs a table against kickback, and it's generally a bad idea to use the blade as a mere driving belt...

The saw was missing a parallel fence but Manu built one that should be fine for most uses, please help us out if you would like to improve and document it further!


more details in the manual!

  • cutting height: 160 mm
  • throat clearance (Ausladung): 380 mm
  • max. workpiece weight: 15 kg
this saw can easily cut through quite thick pieces, such as this part of a log