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Bosch PTS 10

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Synonyms: sawbench, bench saw;
DE: Tischkreissäge, TKS, Baukreissäge,
Baustellenkreissäge, stationäre Kreissäge
Type: power tool/saw
Material: wood
Used with: push sticks, circular saw blades, shop vac
Location: wood workshop
Access Requirements: Table Saw Introduction - not alone
Tutors: Lukas
Similar (More or Less): circular saw, chop saw

This is one of the most dangerous but also one of the most versatile woodworking tools.

Did you know you can also turn a rotary tool into a micro table saw?

Health & Safety

Unless we get our hands on a stopping table saw, this is a machine that can take fingers off. Take precautions to prevent the worst from happening!

  • read the manual
  • get a personal introduction
  • gloves: make an informed decision
    • some sources say you should wear them to protect yourself against splinters which could surprise you and make your hand flinch in a dangerous position
    • others prohibit the use of gloves as your entire hand could be dragged into the blade if one gets caught
  • double-check that the riving knife (splitter) is in line with the blade - it prevents the workpiece from catching on the rear of the blade and being hurled towards you ("kickback")
    • this video explains this and other dangers pretty nicely!
    • this video is a demonstration of what kickback looks like
  • wear ear defenders and safety goggles
  • hook up a shop vac to reduce dust
  • never operate the saw if you are in the CoMakingSpace by yourself
  • make sure the table is standing safely and securely - anti-slide mats may help


The blade should be sharpened or replaced when it becomes dull, otherwise using it is very dangerous! Tell a manager if you are noticing any problems, e.g. increased force required to push your workpieces or poor quality cuts.

Decreased cutting ability can also result from dirt buildup - here are some cleaning instructions.

Repairs & Upgrades

  • fall 2018 (after approx. one year of use):
    • pin holding the cam lever of the parallel fence sometimes came loose - Lukas put an M3 screw with a lock nut through it to keep it in place
    • threaded insert to secure the parallel fence in the front became loose, had to be replaced with a T-nut that Sebastian cut to size
    • dust extraction hose sometimes came off - Moritz secured it with zip ties so it hopefully won't happen again
  • March 2019: broken pin in the height adjustment handwheel replaced with a blind rivet pin (Moritz and Lukas)

Fences & Jigs

Two aluminum fences come with the saw and can be mounted as a parallel ("rip") and a miter ("crosscut") fence.

Jigs we would like to add are helpers for safer and more accurate use, e.g. table saw sleds.

Push Sticks

A simple plastic push stick came with the saw, but it's easy to make custom ones that may be more suitable for your project. If anything about the cut you're trying to make does not feel right, use a different push stick or ask someone with more experience!

Depending on the size of your workpiece, push blocks may also work.

Saw Blade

Same general options as for circular saw or chop saw.