Circular Saw Blades

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Circular saw blades (Kreissägeblätter) are used with various power saws such as table saw, chop saw and - you guessed it - the circular saw. They cut by means of a high speed rotation.

Depending on your material, the number and shape of teeth will greatly influence the cut quality. The diameters of the blade (OD) and the central bore (ID) are dictated by the tool.


Over time, the blades will get dirty and "gunked up" - this reduces their cutting ability, almost as if they were dull! Luckily, you can easily clean them with common household items (or terpentine for really bad cases):

Alternatively, you could try soaking the blade in acetone or vinegar and scrubbing it with a wire brush.

Dull or dirty blades are more dangerous than properly maintained ones - please remove and report the blade in case this cleaning procedure did not help and it still seems dull!

Also see: instructable about blade cleaning - using laundry detergent

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