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Synonyms: level box, bevel box;
DE: Neigungsmesser, Neigungssensor,
digitale Wasserwaage
Type: measuring tool
Used with: table saw, chop saw,
drill press (bit more difficult)
Location: wood workshop
(next to marking & measuring shelf)
Access Requirements: read this page & the manual
Manual: in the box
Similar (More or Less): squares, levels, goniometer

A digital inclinometer with a magnetic base is an awesome helper for adjusting circular saw blades to a precise angle! Lukas is sharing this one on the marking & measuring shelf in the wood workshop.

Before you put the inclinometer back into its box, make sure to turn it off by holding the ON/OFF/REF button for a few seconds.

Table Saw or Chop Saw

To use, simply reference the saw's table as "zero", then let the tool snap to the side of the blade and adjust the vertical bevel until you're happy.

Drill Press

take the reference measurement on the chuck or drill bit, then move the table

It's a bit trickier to get a good reference on the drill press as you'll have to reference the vertical chuck (or drill bit) and the horizontal table is the moving part - but it pays out when you want to drill precisely!