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Synonyms: level box, bevel box, digital angle cube;
DE: Neigungsmesser, Neigungssensor,
Winkelbox, digitale Wasserwaage
Type: measuring tool
Used with: table saw, chop saw,
drill press (bit more difficult)
Location: cart near measuring shelf
Access Requirements: read this page & the manual
Manual: in the box
Similar (More or Less): squares, levels, goniometer

A digital inclinometer with a magnetic base is an awesome helper for adjusting circular saw blades to a precise angle! Lukas is sharing this one on the marking & measuring shelf in the wood workshop.

Before you put the inclinometer back into its box, make sure to turn it off by holding the ON/OFF/REF button for a few seconds.

Table Saw or Chop Saw

Blade angle: To use, simply reference the saw's table as "zero", then let the tool snap to the side of the blade and adjust the vertical bevel until you're happy.

Table saw miter fence: we could build a jig that holds the miter fence upright for setting its inclination!

Drill Press

take the reference measurement on the chuck or drill bit, then move the table

It's a bit trickier to get a good reference on the drill press as you'll have to reference the vertical chuck (or drill bit) and the horizontal table is the moving part - but it pays out when you want to drill precisely!

Other Uses

  • an inclinometer placed on top of a straightedge (like a sideways metal plane) can supposedly replace a pair of winding sticks - the straightedge is slid over the workpiece and you gradually remove material until you get a constant inclination reading [1]