Spline Jig

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Spline Jig

Spline jig.jpg
Type: joinery jig
Material: picture frames, small boxes
Used with: clamps, table saw
Access Requirements: read this page

Patrick built a simple fence-riding spline jig for the table saw according to this video.

The build video also shows how to use this jig near the end.


Splines (lose Federn) greatly improve the strength of miter joints which are otherwise pretty weak due to the poor performance of wood glue on end grain (Hirnholz).

With a spline however, you'll get areas of overlapping face grain as if you had taken the time to make a tongue and groove or bridle joint.

Sounds familiar? Biscuits are used in similar cases!

Further Reading

Splines don't necessarily have to go through a corner in such a visible fashion but can be used with various joints (requiring different tools or jigs): Table Saw Guide: "Spline Joint"