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general idea/overview of dates: "Plenum"

Date/Time: 06th March 2020, 20:20
Attending Managers: Mitja, Martin, Patrick
Attending Members: Leo, Jonah, Andi, Johannes, Rolf


Here's the list so far - please don't hesitate to add more! If you won't be able to attend, you can add your comments here or in the discussion to take part anyway :-)

Recap of the last plenum

  • Bauhaus Cards: 15 users so far - if you didn't receive it yet, your card is in the office :-)
  • Reopening: we've been back to our regular supervised hours for about one month now and already have 7 new members! That is awesome :-D

Seminar Planning - Tor 4

As the first "Tor 4" beginner course on March 21/22 is getting closer, we are still looking for helpers:

  • "Urban Gardening" (Martin)
    • March 21/22
      • Sa 10:00-16:00 'Working duration' - after that discussion round table
      • So. 10:00-approx. 14:00
    • support offered: Patrick, Rolf, Johannes, ??
    • planning via do-something #172
    • publicity needed! If you use Facebook, please share our event!
      • another one for the evening will follow - same thing ;-)
  • "Upcycling" (Lukas)
    • April 25/26
    • support offered: Simon, ??
    • first preparation session: 2020-3-14, 13:00-18:00 - feel free to join us!
    • planning via do-something #175
    • joiner/planer should arrive at the beginning of April
  • "Precision Tech Meets Art" (Keno)
    • idea: intaglio printing with OpenPress and laser engraved [[Acrylic Glass|acrylic glass]; templates laser cut from cellulose acetate to spray paint on canvas; screen printing?
    • May 23/24
    • support offered: Erik, Leo, ??
    • planning via do-something #174
    • Laser setup necessary issue #187
  • Final Event
    • June 27 plus evenings of the week before
    • should consist of very visible afternoons/evenings with project presentations and discussions

We are sponsored with new equipment for these courses, so your involvement will have a great impact on the Space!

New (and newly available) tools at the space

  • Laser cutter is here! -> needs some work
  • New chop saw still needs 1-2 weeks as the received one needs to be replaced because of a broken part

=> also see "Wish List"

Collaboration possibilities

Who's not in our Mailing List or Telegram Group yet? Also check out Category:Community!

Let´s use the time after the Plenum to create new Photos (see also issue #118)

Tor 4 2020

The next Tor 4 project application deadline is 15. Mai with the topic of "Wir müssen reden" ("We need to talk"). For further discussion see the according issue.


closed issues since the last plenum
new issues since the last plenum

  • most urgent (besides the Tor 4 issues): #191 - commissioning the new chop saw
  • Lukas would appreciate any feedback on a new T-shirt design - who would buy one? :-)
    • Rolf has a source for getting textiles printed
    • Andi suggested to build a screen printing jig


Please share your experiences with just about anything - the more people are creating wiki content together, the better!
=> have a look at current "wiki" labeled issues where help is especially welcome :-)

Also check out current projects that are looking for collaborators if you're a team player!

  • After the move, we need to update quite some wiki pages. Most of them should be in Category:Facilities, but we will also have to update tool and machine pages

Area Patron Update

Area Patron Update Members Feedback
Electronics Bench Johannes Leo wants to become a patron for the electronics room - no objections from the present members any feedback/thanks?
3D Printer Farm Leo & Kim any update? Does the new filament mount work?
Woodturning Lukas Caution: the Güde lathe can overheat old fuses any feedback/thanks?
CNC Router Johannes any update? any feedback/thanks?
Kitchen Kim & Johannes any update? any feedback/thanks?
Drilling Table (and screw/nail stuff) Keno any update? any feedback/thanks?
Metal Lathe Luzian any update? any feedback/thanks?
Sanding Corner F.Huchinson (supported by Luca) any update? any feedback/thanks?
Laser Cutter Erik any update? any feedback/thanks?

Who else would like to become an Area Patron (Eckpate)?

  • wood workshop, e.g.:
    • saws
    • hand tools
  • Metal Workshop, e.g.:
    • grinding
    • welding
    • hand tools
    • Precious Plastic

Open Discussion

This is the place to talk about general improvements etc. - for example:

  • What did I do since the last plenum?
  • What am I planning to do until the next plenum?
  • What went wrong?
  • What went well?
  • What should get done at the space (new issues)?

Next Meeting

a Wednesday in April - 2020-4-1