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Quick Info

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Name: Lukas
Expertise: welding, metalworking, woodworking
Interests: electronics, mobility, woodworking, repairing

About me

So hello there I am Lukas, 24 years old and a struggling student in chemical engineering. And because I don't have a job right now I want to use the time to educate myself by doing stuff here. My interests are mainly everything that can move (mobility and stuff), woodworking, welding and mechanics.

Also I want to start a YouTube channel. Updates will follow

Potential projects

  • workbench with selfmade vices [1]
  • E-Moped made of salvaged parts
  • a Minty-Pi [2]
  • some bs involving jet engines and cars
  • a SodaStream that actually works properly
  • furniture
  • an AC [3]
  • bluetooth speakers


  • Repairing and optimizing a Scooter (priority, project page coming soon)
  • Build a fully recycled electric car