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A list of gadgets we would like to use in the near future. If you have additional ideas, please add them!

For small things, e.g. consumables, we sometimes organize group orders - see "Centralized Buying"!

A good way to make sure something can actually be purchased is to create a page for that item and link it to the entry in this list. That way, we can keep the list neat while accumulating enough knowledge and specific suggestions to make an informed decision what to spend money on. Pages for equipment we don't have yet are in the "Wanted" namespace.

Do you happen to know a good source for any of these items, or want to get rid of something yourself? Please let us know!




  • mitering head bandsaw (sometimes also usable as hand-held bandsaw, but usually smaller in that case)
  • leather apron for welding
  • smelting furnace (under construction by Lmnl99 and Chris)
  • taps and dies for left-handed threads
  • bigger/better drill press
    • e.g. crank for height adjustment, higher pillar, deeper work area
  • tap arm
  • Sheet metal bender (could possibly be built ourself)
  • Metal Mill


Please note that all links are just examples and should be reviewed for better prices.

Shopping list für Aliexpress (von Johannes Erstellt am 2.12.2018):

Anzahl Produkt Preis/Stück Preis gesamt Kommentar
2 Set of resistors 7,11€ 14,22€ -
1 Sicherungs Set 72stück 0.5-30A 3,21€ 3,21€ Patrick: Do we need fuses+holders? I don't see them as a commodity item.
1 Sicherrungshalter für sicherungen 6*30mm mit 1A sicherung 30stück 5,17€ 5,17€ Patrick: Same opinion as normal fuses.
1 Sicherungshalter für die platine 50stück 1,07€ 1,07€ Patrick: Same opinion as normal fuses.
Chris: Either way, I have 25 Pcs to spare
1 Sensor Set mit Box 12,04€ 12,04€ Martin: Ordered, will be a donation
1 ESP32 10stück 39,22€ 39,22€ Package with 10 pc
Martin: Do we really need this? Patrick ordered a couple ESP8266. IMHO, this should be enough
1 Arduino Nano 10stück MEGS328-MCU 19,44€ 19,44€ Package with 10 pc
Martin:Do we really need Arduinos? We will have ESPs available and have STM32 development boards for testing purposes
1 Wargo klemmen set 50x2pin 40x3pin 10x5pin 15,91€ 15,91€ -
1 transistor set 2,12€ 2,12€ Martin: Ordered, will be a donation
2 Messing schwamm für lötkolben 1,40€ 2,74€ -
10 MCP3008 10 bit ADC Martin:Just a suggestion
1 Package of MOSFETs Martin:Just a suggestion
1 Jumper cable 1,89€ 1,89€ Martin: Ordered, will be a donation
1 perfboards (Lochrasterplatinen) 2,01€ 2,01€ Martin: Ordered, will be a donation


  • laser cutter
    • 4" lens for cutting thicker materials
    • rotary attachment for engraving glasses, bottles etc.
  • waterjet cutter, e.g. Wazer (also see Makezine article)
  • CNC metalworking lathe
  • CNC router accessories
    • tool changer
    • tool length sensor
    • aluminum t-slot bed
    • vacuum table
    • eccentric nuts for fixing small workpieces to the CNC table
  • filament extruder