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A list of gadgets we would like to use in the near future. If you have additional ideas, please add them!

For small things, e.g. consumables, we sometimes organize group orders - see "Centralized Buying"!

A good way to make sure something can actually be purchased is to create a page for that item and link it to the entry in this list. That way, we can keep the list neat while accumulating enough knowledge and specific suggestions to make an informed decision what to spend money on. Pages for equipment we don't have yet are in the "Wanted" namespace.

Do you happen to know a good source for any of these items, or want to get rid of something yourself? Please let us know!




  • mitering head bandsaw (sometimes also usable as hand-held bandsaw, but usually smaller in that case)
  • leather apron for welding (Lars bought one, will bring June 12th or so.
  • smelting furnace (under construction by Lmnl99 and Chris)
  • taps and dies for left-handed threads
  • bigger/better drill press
    • e.g. crank for height adjustment, higher pillar, deeper work area
  • tap arm
  • Sheet metal bender (could possibly be built ourself)
  • Metal Mill


  • PCB prototyping boards
  • coaxial cables
  • coaxial to banana cables
  • banana cable to breadboard connector
  • programmable power supply (multi channel)
  • PCB etching machine
  • microscope for PCB inspection
  • thermal imager

Shopping List

Part Source Price
Raspberry Pi (incl. Starter Kit) https://www.pollin.de/p/raspberry-pi-3b-starter-kit-810946 49,95 €
HDMI DVI Adapter https://www.pollin.de/p/hdmi-adapter-720967 1,75 €
Grillbürste https://www.pollin.de/p/grillbuerste-xavax-111499-35-5-cm-865123 1,95 €
smd transistoren https://www.pollin.de/p/sortiment-smd-transistoren-800126 2,45 €
3x Laborsteckbrett https://www.pollin.de/p/labor-steckboard-510174 11,25 €
Sortiment Draht Potis https://www.pollin.de/p/sortiment-draht-potis-800034 1,95 €
Sortiment Infrarotempfänger https://www.pollin.de/p/sortiment-infrarotempfaenger-800292 0,95 €
Pi Breakout board https://smile.amazon.de/gp/product/B01CNISBB6 9,99 €


  • laser cutter accessories:
    • 4" lens for cutting thicker materials
    • rotary attachment for engraving glasses, bottles etc.
  • waterjet cutter, e.g. Wazer (also see Makezine article)
  • CNC metalworking lathe
  • CNC router accessories
    • tool changer
    • tool length sensor
    • aluminum t-slot bed
    • vacuum table
    • eccentric nuts for fixing small workpieces to the CNC table
  • filament extruder