Electronics Room

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In the electronics room you will also find our 3D printers.


Power Supplies

  • RND 320-KD3005D
    • Regulated power supply with max 30V/5A output. The adjustment is in min. 10mV/1mA steps.

Multimeters and other measuring equipment

  • Fluke 175
    • true RMS multimeter
    • Voltage, Current (10A), Resistance, Frequency, Capacity
  • Oscilloscope Voltcraft GoldStar OS-9020A
    • analog
    • 20Mhz
    • 2 Channel
  • Oscilloscope HP DC-500 KC
  • Function Generator Voltcraft FG-506
    • 6MHz
    • Sine, square, triangle


  • iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
    • The toolkit consists of a set of screwdriver and bits as well as various kinds of tools to take apart devices. Even though the bit set has an adapter to 1/4 inch bits don't use them in a cordless drill. The exact components can be found on the iFixit website.
  • 4mm Banana equipment/cables
    • 10x 1m 1mm2 cables
    • 4x aligator clips small
    • 2x aligator clips large
    • 2x needle probes
    • 2x small cable clamps
  • side cutters
    • "Knips" Knippex
    • cheaper ones (yellow) for the "dirty work"
    • 140mm larger ones
  • Wire strippers
    • min 0.2mm2



  • Solder
    • 0.5mm
    • 1mm
  • Electrical Tape
    • 12mm
    • 19mm
  • Flux
    • Flux pen (thin)
    • Flux paste
  • Heat Shrink Tube