IFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

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IFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Ifixit kit open.jpg
Synonyms: "iFixit kit"
Type: hand tool/repair kit
Material: tiny screws
Location: electronics room
Access: upon reading

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is a nearly complete selection of tools you may need for jobs like phone repair or messing with electronic devices the manufacturer does not want you to open.

The toolkit consists of a set of screwdriver and bits as well as various kinds of tools to take apart devices. Even though the bit set has an adapter to 1/4 inch bits don't use them in a cordless drill.


The kit mainly contains several case openers, tweezers, suction cups and a 4 mm hex bit screwdriver with a flexible shaft and 64 screwdriver bits.

The exact components can be found on the iFixit website.