Donation Boxes

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One of our principles is that everyone should contribute to covering the community expenses, for example by donating for what they consume. To make that as easy as possible, you'll find donation boxes at several locations in the CoMakingSpace ;-)

As a charitable company we rely on these donations as part of our funding strategy, and whenever there is more in a box than we need for restocking and upkeep of the workshops we will use that money to buy new equipment!

If you happen to have a larger donation to make please talk to one of the managers in order to skip the box and get a receipt (Spendenbescheinigung).

Drinks Box

Our drinks are openly available in the common room fridge - we trust that you'll leave a donation to cover the next order (suggestion: 1 € per bottle).

Wood Workshop Box

Wood workshop donation box.JPG

Please donate an appropriate amount if you consume metal parts, large amounts of glue, to say thanks for a particularly nice piece of scrap wood or if you just feel like it!

3D Printing Box

3DP donation box.JPG

3D printing filament costs us around 5 ct per gram - guess what, Slic3r will take over the annoying calculations and tell you the suggested donation for your print after you export it :-)