Community Principles

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We believe a few principles are essential for a good CoMaking experience:

Projects and endeavours that potentially disturb other Makers or neighbors, i.e. such causing excessive noise or smell and taking up a lot of space, are coordinated in a way that is best for all parties.
  • Learn - Make - Teach - Repeat
Teaching others how to do something is more rewarding than just doing it by yourself - and who knows, you may even learn something new yourself!
  • Repair, Repurpose, Reuse
Some things considered garbage might be just the part you need. Can you salvage some of your old projects for parts?
  • Respect the Tools
Although tool use is included in your membership in the CoMakingSpace, each tool should be handled with respect and care. Treat them well so we can enjoy our tools for a long time. Use the right tool for the right purpose. If you are not sure, ask a tutor for help.
  • Everyone's Safety Is MY Responsibility
Be aware of your surroundings and know what you are doing (or find a tutor). If you see others attempting something stupid, let them know about the risks before they find out the hard way.
  • If You Dirty It, Clean It
You don't want to have to clean every piece of equipment or the room itself before being able to start with your project, so please do it afterwards and the next user will thank you and do the same.
  • If It Is Broken, Report It
We need to know if things break, regardless of whose fault it may be. Only if the managers and area patrons know as soon as possible we can try to fix it or claim a warranty or insurance case. For small things it's best to replace them yourself if you break it.
  • If You Lose It, Replace It
Sh*t happens - if a small tool goes missing during your project, please quickly get an equivalent replacement and nobody will even notice!
Materials need to be paid for, please let us also know if something is running out.
  • Hack Responsibly
Experiments are a key principle of innovation, but only attempt new things you can fairly assume to be safe (do some research in advance!) and be prepared to immediately replace anything that might break if your idea (maybe a new use for a tool?) was not so great after all. Sharing your experience, successful or not, may help many others!