Area Patrons

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In order to ensure a proper organisation of the different corners of our workshops, there are so called "area patrons". Area patrons take some responsibility over a specific area.

The most up-to-date list of patrons is found in our plenum template.

Ground Rules

  • Each area should ideally be adopted by two patrons.
  • Major issues and any uncertainties should be brought to the attention of a manager.
  • Each patron has to activate the "Email This User" feature in the wiki and/or provide alternative contact methods on their user page.
  • Areas that get adopted will get an infosheet with the patron(s). This infosheet contains a QR code to the user page and optionally a picture of each patron.
  • Every member has to support patrons in their work.


  • Can implement a new ordering system.
  • Can put out a friendly reminder to people that leave the area unclean (use common sense on when this is needed!)


  • Be aware of the GitHub issues relevant for the corner.
  • Serve as a contact point for the tools in the adopted area. Host seminars, explain the tools (become a tutor for some of them) etc.
  • Ensure the documentation of the tools in the area is up to date.
  • Ensure the tools in the area are properly maintained (in case more material is needed and needs funding by the space, they should talk to a manager)