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This serves as a starting point for creating meeting minutes for the plenum. Please create new meeting minutes by using the following wikicode:

{{subst::Plenum/Meeting minutes/00 Template}}


general idea/overview of dates: "Plenum"

Attending Managers:
Attending Members:


Here's the list so far - please don't hesitate to add more! If you won't be able to attend, you can add your comments here or in the discussion to take part anyway :-)

Project Presentations

Let's take up to 2 × 20 minutes before each plenum to show others what we're working on! If you are interested in talking about your projects, please announce it here and/or via the Mailing List:

  • <please add your idea(s)!>
  • <please add your idea(s)!>

Recap of the last plenum

New (and newly available) tools at the space

=> also see "Wish List"

Collaboration possibilities

Who's not in our Mailing List or Telegram Group yet? Also check out Category:Community!

Do-something days


>>>after creating a new "meeting minutes" page, update the dates in these links, then remove this note!<<<

closed issues since the last plenum
new issues since the last plenum


Please share your experiences with just about anything - the more people are creating wiki content together, the better!
=> have a look at current "wiki" labeled issues where help is especially welcome :-)

Also check out current projects that are looking for collaborators if you're a team player!

Area Patron Update

Area Patron Update Members Feedback
Electronics Bench Johannes & Leo any update? any feedback/thanks?
3D Printer Farm Leo & Kim any update? any feedback/thanks?
Woodturning Lukas any update? any feedback/thanks?
CNC Router Johannes any update? any feedback/thanks?
Kitchen Kim & Johannes any update? any feedback/thanks?
Drilling Table (and screw/nail stuff) Keno any update? any feedback/thanks?
Metal Lathe Luzian any update? any feedback/thanks?
Sanding Corner F.Huchinson (supported by Luca) any update? any feedback/thanks?
Laser Cutter Erik any update? any feedback/thanks?

Who else would like to become an Area Patron (Eckpate)?

  • wood workshop, e.g.:
    • saws
    • hand tools
  • Metal Workshop, e.g.:
    • grinding
    • welding
    • hand tools
    • Precious Plastic

Seminar Ideas

Open Discussion

This is the place to talk about general improvements etc. - for example:

  • What did I do since the last plenum?
  • What am I planning to do until the next plenum?
  • What went wrong?
  • What went well?
  • What should get done at the space (new issues)?

Next Meeting