Handheld Planer

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When mounted upside-down in a straight and stable fixture (not yet built, would need better safety features than this one), a handheld planer can double as a jointer!

Alpha Tools BEH600


Alpha Tools BEH600

Synonyms: electric plane, electric hand-held plane,
hand planer; DE: Elektrohobel
Type: Handheld Planer
Material: wood
Location: Office (?)
Access Requirements:
Status: in commissioning
Manual: manualslib
Similar (More or Less): bench planes, thickness planer

We have a low-quality handheld planer that may break soon, but can be used to learn and document the necessary skills before we buy a better one.

This tool is not ready for use yet since not all commissioning steps have been completed. The process is not yet tracked on GitHub. Feel free to contribute to making it usable, any help is very welcome!

Task comment Status
Name the tool: - done
Take a picture - pending
Find the manual as PDF manualslib done
Documentation this tutorial should be useful as a starting point pending
Print QR-Code use the wikicrawler pending
Introduction to be written here: Handheld Planer Introduction pending
Security Check to be done or witnessed by a manager pending
Test to be done or witnessed by a manager pending
tool's name, owner and approx. value entered by Lukas done
Last step: make it available physically and in the wiki - then delete this template pending