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With the common room still under construction (and dark!), the January 2020 plenum took place in the wood workshop :-D


Idea/Overview: Plenum

Date/Time: 17.01.20 (at the new location), 20:05-22:07
Attending Managers: Patrick, Martin, Lukas
Attending Members: Erik, Jonah, Simon, Anja, Leo, Keno, Jochen, Johannes


Recap of the last plenum

  • original plans for the move & actual progress since then?
    • the move itself worked as planned, we were able to move everything in just two weekends!
      • in the weeks since then, larger items were put into their future spots but there are still a few bits and pieces to clean up
    • electricity: Johannes has put in around 160 hours of work, that's AWESOME!!! Abnahme should be possible next week
      • the new walls are fit with about 100 outlets, Schaltschrank is being assembled now
      • lights will be added next, but are not stopping the main process at the moment
      • we have old cables to sell, would anyone like to help getting rid of it? Highest offer so far is 1.27 €, maybe we can get even more?
    • water: pipes to the kitchen are in the ground, but not connected yet - so water is only available in the workshop corner for now
      • lower priority compared to the other tasks at the moment, but we're tracking progress in #167 if you'd like to help!
      • we can not yet say for sure that it is official drinking water quality - also working on that ;-)
    • infrastructure: everything is set up in a way that seems logical at the moment
      • If you would like to improve the current arrangement, feel free to do so - as long as you communicate big changes and make sure the change really constitutes an improvement ;-)

We will need to fulfill at least a basic set of safety aspects, so these are the tasks currently holding up the reopening:

  • fire extinguishers and first aid kits need to be placed
  • functioning lights -> new electricity installation needs to be officially declared "compliant"
  • outside doors need to be fixed (handles, closing) and self-locking locks need to be installed
  • electronic cylinder for key cards needs to be installed in the front door

Except the electricity, which is already coming together as fast as possible, every one of these tasks could be accelerated by volunteers during offene Baustellen :-)

Policy Updates

  • changes in the Werkstattordnung to adapt to our new place (diff)
    • most important: clarified that everyone needs to take care of the proper use, storage and disposal of their materials; "benches" are no longer a thing but you can still take 2x2 m³ of storage for the same space and cost ;-)
    • gas bottles are allowed now! The insurance just needs to know how many are here, so you will need to tell us in advance!
  • new membership options: storage space, vehicle workplaces and more flexibility
    • 6-month memberships are replaced by 3-month ones at the same contribution level! If you are more than three months away from the next possible end date, tomorrow (Jan 17, 2020) will be your new "start date" in case you need to leave us for whatever reason

Collaboration possibilities

Who's not in our Mailing List or Telegram Group yet? Also check out Category:Community!

Do-something days

We keep having "offene Baustellen" where everyone can join in building up the new rooms! Make sure to check the calendar regularly!

The more people help, the sooner we can be up and running again :-)


closed issues since the last plenum
new issues since the last plenum


Please share your experiences with just about anything - the more people are creating wiki content together, the better!
=> have a look at current "wiki" labeled issues where help is especially welcome :-)

There may be pages with outdated information due to the move, please remember to update everything that does not make sense anymore!

Area Patron Update

Area Patron Update Members Feedback
Electronics Bench Johannes now 4 tables we can equip instead of one (more equipment could come with courses, for example), storage option under construction (Martin) many thanks
3D Printer Farm Leo & Kim Martin built a table with room for all six printers and the 3D scanner; Leo tested the 3D printers today - cabling needs to be rearranged when the final outlets are available of course Erik would like to think about protecting the filament against dust and moisture; Jochen wants a bigger 3D scanner :-P
Woodturning Lukas no wall storage yet, help very welcome! turnable wood storage would be nice, e.g. a little shelf on the right side of the machine
CNC Router Johannes Micha's "Rote Zora" now has an enclosure and stands where it should, WorkBee is also placed but not yet leveled Leo would take care of the new spoilboard surfacing in exchange for an introduction
Kitchen Kim & Johannes fridge is where it will be, but the rest of the kitchen is currently in the middle of the common room (needed to be moved for outlet installation) any feedback/thanks?
Drilling Table (and screw corner) Keno all bits are being placed on the wall tonight/soon, then priority on storage system for spares & discipline: if you break it, report it! thanks for taking care of the screw corner as well now! Idea for screwdrivers: removable holders for "standard" sets that people could carry over to their projects
Metal Lathe Luzian large lathe is currently disconnected Johannes might be able to get an FU so we don't need Starkstrom anymore; there may be adjustments on the location if we see that's really necessary; liquid cooling may be an option on both machines in the future; again Leo is offering himself in exchange for tutoring
Sanding Corner F.Huchinson (supported by Luca) F.Huchinson built a sandpaper storage much better already! Labels will be needed to avoid future chaos though

Who else would like to become an Area Patron (Eckpate)?

  • Erik would like to become a patron for the laser cutter when it arrives
  • wood workshop, e.g.:
    • saws
    • hand tools
  • Metal Workshop, e.g.:
    • grinding
    • welding
    • hand tools
    • Precious Plastic

Seminar Ideas

We need to find suitable weekends for the "Tor 4" courses - a public outreach and education program which we proposed to BASF and get cultural sponsoring for!

The new laser cutter and jointer/thickness planer have been ordered today!

Who would be able to help before or during any of these? Any preferences for dates (where you could help)? Besides the practical courses, we need to prepare advertising materials and plan "discussion sessions" on the first evening!

  • "Precision Tech Meets Art" (Keno)
    • idea: intaglio printing with OpenPress and laser engraved [[Acrylic Glass|acrylic glass]; templates laser cut from cellulose acetate to spray paint on canvas; screen printing?
    • May 23/24
    • support offered: Erik, Leo, ??
    • planning via do-something #174
  • Final Event
    • June 27 plus evenings of the week before
    • should consist of very visible afternoons/evenings with project presentations and discussions

Next Meeting

A Wednesday in February: February 5