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Idea/Overview: Plenum

Date/Time: February 6th 2019, 8 pm
Attending Managers: Mitja, Lukas
Attending Members: Julien, Tobi, Ignaz, Henrik, Luzian, Kim, Johannes, Erik, Jochen, WiNu
Attending Guests: Michael


Here's the list so far - please don't hesitate to add more! If you won't be able to attend, you can add your comments here or in the discussion to take part anyway :-)

Project Presentations

Let's take about 2 × 20 minutes before each plenum to show others whay we're working on! If you are interested in talking about your projects, please announce it here and/or via the Mailing List:

  • Julien talked about
    • a small 3D print of a Wandlüfter he could not get at a store
    • his solar oven currently being built - after a playful cardboard version, the next one will be "smart" and track the sun, for example
    • a plan for making wooden cups out of pumpkins using 3D printing (see his inspiration here)
  • Johannes showed a 5 × 5 × 5 RGB LED cube and was able to get feedback from the others about some hardware problems (not enough memory on the chip he used)
  • next time: Erik & his son could present something and Jochen might, other volunteers: please add yourself to the next "meeting minutes"!

Recap of the last plenum

New (and newly available) tools at the space

newly available:

new in commissioning:

=> also see "Wish List"

Collaboration possibilities

Did everyone know about the plenum, e.g. from the mailing list? Several members have never confirmed their invitations, hopefully just accidentally...

=> Lukas will look at who's missing when there is time, but please just add yourself in the meantime ;-)

Do-something days

We explained the concept of the issue tracker and do-something days, Mitja will rather spontaneously announce a "cleaning & more" day in the next weeks

Current projects that are looking for collaborators

Project:Precious Plastic

  • WiNu brought newspapers with plastic-related information
  • she is also able to get several free tickets for the KPA Messe (March 19/20 in Ulm) and wants to go to the World Organic Forum and the KUTENO Messe (May 7-9) as well


closed issues since the last plenum
new issues since the last plenum


Creating a user page is a great way to get started and introduce yourself and your projects!

Area Patron Update

Area Patron Update Members Feedback
Electronics Bench Johannes re-organized the E-Bench storage, new small parts magazines hung up but still empty Thanks! We're curious to see how it will turn out
3D Printer Farm Luca any update? any feedback/thanks?

Who else would like to become an Area Patron (Eckpate)?

Seminar Ideas

If you have anything to teach, please don't be shy and develop a seminar ;-)

open discussion (general improvements, etc.)

What did I do since the last plenum?

Lukas: added some simple, but probably non-intuitive hand tools to the wiki (and the workshops):


What am I planning to do until the next plenum?

  • Kim is working on the new website via Github pages
    • idea: could also include a "blog" section where everyone could submit entries for publication
  • Jochen is developing a silica gel based solar heat storage system
    • he might get us a metal bender for that :-D

What went wrong?

  • some fine tweezers from the IFixIt Toolkit are badly bent
  • the small yellow side-cutters from the E-Bench is missing

What went well?

What should get done at the space (new issues)?

  • add/finish documentation for the welder.
  • more members should add themselves to the Members Wall
  • Lukas' 3D model of the space should be documented and further developed
  • bring waste wood to the recycling place - Sebastian offered his van (need to find volunteers & a suitable date)

Next Meeting

Third Friday in March (after Make Munich & school break): 2019-3-15, 20:00