Saw Sets

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Saw Sets

Pliers-style saw set.JPG
Synonyms: DE: Schränkzangen
Type: maintenance hand tool
Used with: certain saws, saw vise
Location: wood workshop
Access Requirements: read this page
Similar (More or Less): pliers

A saw set lets you set saw teeth, i.e. bend them slightly so that the kerf (Schnittfuge) becomes a bit wider and the sawblade does not get stuck.

The teeth are usually bent one by one in alternating directions. Not all blades can be set though, and some may require a different type of setting tool!

We have a "pliers-style" saw set (seen in InfoBox) that is adjusted by a screw for the depth (you just want to bend the teeth, not the blade's back!) and one for the amount of set (i.e. "bending") that you want to apply.

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