Members Wall

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Members Wall

Status: in progress
Release Date: January 2019
Initiator: October 2018 Plenum
Team: all members
Materials Used: whatever you like

In the October 2018 Plenum we decided to create a Members Wall in the CoMakingSpace.

The Members Wall intends to provide an overview of our members with their names and special skills.

For a digital and more detailed version of this, check out the other members' user pages!


The Members Wall is located at the community wall in our common room. So as soon as new people enter the Space, they can get to know the community which makes the CoMakingSpace awesome.


Of course, we want all members to be reflected on our members wall. In order to include your own information to the Wall, please use the template available for download on GitHub:

You do not have to include your picture. If you prefer not to put your picture into a public space, this is totally fine. In this case, feel free to include something else into the picture box or to remove it entirely.

For example, you could think about inserting a QR-Code which leads to your User Page or a picture of a project you are proud of!

Privacy Policy (sponsored by Captain Obvious): The data you choose to publish will be publicly visible to anyone who is entering our building. Publishing it elsewhere, for example on the internet in form of a photo, requires you to comply with the relevant laws.

Be Creative

You do not necessarily have to print your sign on a piece of paper. If you want to show off your craftmanship skills, feel free.

For example, you could "print" it on wood with a laser cutter. You can also think about painting something yourself. Or whatever your creative mind tells you.