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Idea/Overview: Plenum

Date/Time: 5th October 2018, 20:00
Attending Managers: Patrick ,Ciaran
Attending Members: Andi, Kai, Chris, Axel, Erik, Johannes, (with kid), Henrik, Luca, Sebastian, Alex, Martin, Armin, Joshua


Short introduction into members meetings itself

Patrick welcomed everybody ;)

  • Did the E-Mails reach everyone? Otherwise, please join the mailing list!

The attending members received the mail or were not part of the ML at the time it was sent.

Only very few members checked GitHub. GitHub and how we use it at the space quickly got explained.

New (and newly available) tools at the space

=> also see "Wish List"

New Tools:

Sebastian mentioned he has a biscuit joiner ("Flachdübelfräse") he could bring in the next weeks.
We got some income from the concert and the hackathon which we could use in order to buy new tools or needed enhancements.
The fire blankets ("Löschdecken") for the welding corner was bought from that money already (approx. 100€). See issue 10 for details.
Chris mentioned he has a projector he could sell to the space. Ciaran will check his contacts as well if we get a free one.

A discussion started about new tools that should get bought:

  • Kay mentioned some of the drills should get jacks without PE or change the cables to lead the PE into the housing. The current setup might not pass an inspection.
  • Sebastian mentioned the table saw not to be precise. Therefore, the proposal is to buy a high quality plunge saw (e.g. from festool).
  • Laser cutter (out of budget)
  • Luca mentioned he might have a 30m network cable. He will check this and bring it if it is still around.
  • Armin mentioned a planer. However, a proper tool are quite expensive. The proposal is to buy a proper tool and save some money for that. Axel will make a proposal for a tool to buy.

A discussion started about "Wig-schweißen". Armin and Patrick like it, Johannes and Luzian not. The plenum went a bit off-topic.
Decision: In general the plenum agreed on rather buying high quality but expensive tools. A list will be conducted until the next plenum.

Adopting a workshop corner

Patrick Explained the general concept of area patrons.
Sebastian likes the idea. He mentioned it would be nice to reduce the membership fee for members that take over extra responsibility. However, this idea can right now not be followed, since this might be considered as "employment" by the authorities.
Decision:The plenum decided area patrons are a good idea.
The details of how area patrons should work have been discussed. Documentation of the result can be found at Area Patron.
Corners to be adopted (and suggestions of the patrons):
3D-Printer: Kay and Luca
Electronics Workbench: Johannes and Erik

Collaboration possibilities

Do-something days

  • Lukas can offer Oct 13th, 18:00 - open end

Question: Can members with a key host do-something sessions?
Patrick and Ciaran: There is an open investigation on whether key members can host do-something days/hours on their own (without a manager). This investigation is right now with managers. There are legal implications to this, which are not really straight forward. An Update to this should be given in the next Plenum.
For the moment, if anybody wants additional do-something days/hours, please contact a manager in order to organize it.
Possible topics could be to build a proper storage system and bring back the wood to the wood workshop (see new issue 74 or to check and inventory the stuff in the storage room (see new issue 73).

Current projects that are looking for collaborators



Seminar Ideas

  • Lukas is working on a "MediaWiki Basics" seminar, would also like to plan some winter/christmas themed event (at least Project:Cookie Cutters) on the last November weekend

Patrick explained the general idea of seminars. The audience has been asked to think about seminar ideas. Any idea should get put into the wiki on Seminar Ideas or brought to the next plenum (or both)

  • Erik mentioned he thinks about hosting a IoT.Octopus Seminar
  • Sebastian mentioned explaining the bus as a info-workshop.
  • In addition to the seminars, it was mentioned to use the Friday opening hours as a more social time. For example, members could show their projects in small presentations. This should be limited time-wise in order to still allow making on Fridays.

open discussion (general improvements, etc.)

What did I do since the last plenum?

  • skipped due to this being the first plenum.

What am I planning to do until the next plenum?

  • skipped due to it being very late already.

What went wrong?

  • skipped due to it being very late already.

What went well?

  • skipped due to it being very late already.

What should get done at the space (new issues)?

  • Should we hang up pictures and a small description of out members in the floor (similar to what DingFabrik in Cologne does)?
    • Decision: The plenum accepted the idea.
    • Decision: Putting out pictures is optional. No member will be forced to put out their picture and put it on the wall.
    • Decision: Armin volunteered on coordinating it (generate a template, collect pictures, etc).
  • Sebastian proposed a project board in addition.
    • Decision: The wooden door to the "future laser cutter room" is now supposed to serve as the project board. Each member can hang up pictures of interesting projects.

Next Meeting

Decision: Next meeting will happen at the first Friday in November.