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Quick Info

Ciaran Printer.jpg
Expertise: Rapid Prototyping, Electronics,
Software and Mechanical Design

Ciaran has a broad technology development and innovation background and continuously seeks ways to apply his energy, experience and agile approach to new and exciting challenges. He always has many projects on the go.

For example, An Upcycled Handrail. At the CoMakingSpace Ciaran carved a handrail from reclaimed beams with hand tools at the woodworking bench.

After an attic conversion project Ciaran took some of the 100 year old damaged beams. Breathing new life into the antique wood, he upcycled them from rectangular beasts into curved beauty. A fitting new life as the handrail of the stairs that runs up to the renovated attic.

It was more sculpting than diy in the end. Many, many hours at the CoMakingSpace with hand tools and sandpaper.

When not sanding a handrail, Ciaran might be coaching at a Life Science Hackathon, mentoring a local Startup team or supporting some innovative project. Ciaran always enjoys strengthening innovation in the local community.