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Idea/Overview: Plenum

Date/Time: March 15th 2019, 8pm
Attending Managers: Ciaran, Mitja
Attending Members: Johannes, Kim, Moritz, Jochen, Keno, Jan, Heiko, Mihai, Erik, Roman


Here's the list so far - please don't hesitate to add more! If you won't be able to attend, you can add your comments here or in the discussion to take part anyway :-)

Project Presentations

Let's take about 2 × 20 minutes before each plenum to show others what we're working on! If you are interested in talking about your projects, please announce it here and/or via the Mailing List:

  • talk 1: From scratch build of a PC case. Aluminum Cube, cooled with water. -Jochen
- An old project from 2008. Robust design. Details documented at

  • talk 2: Building and programming a QR-code based physical jukebox with raspberry pi. -Keno
- Included a very interesting summary of QR-code workings. Amazing that 800 characters on 2cm QR-code can be reliably read by PI camera. 

Recap of the last plenum

  • Waste Situation?
- Generally better. 
- Further improvements at upcoming do-something event on 22 Mar. 
  • Members Wall?
- More members posted. Missing members encouraged to add.
  • Seminar Planning?
- Possible future seminar from Keno based on his Juke Box
- Possible future Seminar from Johannes based on his LED cube
  • Further Event Planning?
- Ciaran suggested and plans to organise a project focused event to collect showcase projects (e.g. for PR). Will send an email next week with details.

New (and newly available) tools at the space

some newly commissioned tools just need their infobox QR codes and they're ready:

=> also see "Wish List"

Collaboration possibilities

Do-something days

Lukas will host "do-something hours", where we focus on working on Space improvements together, on Friday March 22 after the regular opening hours (22:00 to "open end"). If you're free, please join us - the more the merrier!

Which "issues" should we focus on?

Current projects that are looking for collaborators

- No new collaborator requests


closed issues since the last plenum
We went through the closed issues new issues since the last plenum We discussed the new issues - people will update issues directly where relevant.


- No discussion

Area Patron Update

Area Patron Update Members Feedback
Electronics Bench Johannes Johannes has done a great job organising the Electronics area, including sorting the metal shelves, attaching the sockets robustly so it's easier to plug and unplug and keep the cables organised. He got good feedback and thanks. In general it is being left in pretty good shape by the users compared to before. Probably due to it being so much better organised
3D Printer Farm Luca became a 3D printing tutor any feedback/thanks?

Who else would like to become an Area Patron (Eckpate) or tutor for a tool they're experienced with?

Seminar Ideas

open discussion (general improvements, etc.)

What did I do since the last plenum?

Quick roundtable

  • Notable for the Space: Moritz continues the small metal Lathe repair/renovation - will contact Armin about modification to mount it and also to ask can space be made for mounting it in the precious plastic area.
    • Lukas: talked to Moritz the next week - instead of shrinking the Precious Plastic area which will all be needed as soon as that stupid missing part arrives, we planned to move the blast cabinet and table to the left and the Precious Plastic area to the right. The drying oven could go with the plastic equipment, making enough room on the table to mount the lathe.

What am I planning to do until the next plenum?

  • Kim will order at Motedis, anyone interested?

What went wrong?

What went well?

  • lots of new additions to the Members Wall :-)
  • 7 new members again since the last plenum!

What should get done at the space (new issues)?

Next Meeting

A Wednesday evening in April - April 3rd or April 10th?

  • no decision during the plenum, let's just do April 10 for more time in between.