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|tool name=Jointer
|machine name=Jointer
|synonyms=power jointer; DE: Abrichthobelmaschine, "Abrichte"
|synonyms=power jointer; DE: Abrichthobelmaschine, "Abrichte"

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This is a wish list page - we don't have this tool yet!



Synonyms: power jointer; DE: Abrichthobelmaschine, "Abrichte"
Type: power tool
Material: wood
Similar (More or Less): jointer plane

A (power) jointer is used for straightening the narrow sides of wooden boards which is necessary for panel glue-ups and some kinds of joinery.

Without a jointer, these tasks can be achieved with a plane (ideally a long-bodied jointer plane) or a special jig for the table saw.

There are combination jointer/planers which might be interesting to us as we could save valuable space!