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Idea/Overview: Plenum

Date/Time: 20:37 - 22:40
Attending Managers: Mitja, Patrick
Attending Members: Kim, Martin, Luzian, Paul, Korbi, Stefan, Johannes


Here's the list so far - please don't hesitate to add more! If you won't be able to attend, you can add your comments here or in the discussion to take part anyway :-)

Project Presentations

Let's take about 2 × 20 minutes before each plenum to show others what we're working on! If you are interested in talking about your projects, please announce it here and/or via the Mailing List:

  • Martin presented the current progress on the new website.
    • New navigation bar
    • Content right now just copied from the current website
    • Start page
    • Blog for posting recent stuff
    • calendar
    • contact via mailto link because of privacy concerns
      • could be hosted on the same server as the wiki
    • About page with the organisers and supervisiors
    • Hosting on via Jekyll
      • basically every page is a Markdown file
  • Johannes made a funnel from PEEK
    • It's made from PEEK
    • Johannes made it
    • Only Johannes thinks it's great

Recap of the last plenum

  • How far are we regarding planning the Bahnstadtfest? (Issue 110)
    • Need more people to participate in the pre-orga
    • 2 people need to help with the general Bahnstadt stuff - probably will get free food for helping...
  • How did the visit from RNZ go?
    • 3-4 people announced themselves via mail following the RNZ article
    • Link
  • Any updates regarding the Laser?
    • gone for good
  • Did we get rid of the wood in the back?
    • not yet, Sebastian indicated he might have time in 2 weeks.
    • Anyone who has time would be awesome to help out
  • Any update from the waste corner? (Issue 85)
    • Lukas: Had to prioritize a personal project so there are still no bag holders, but moving everything into one spot already seems to have improved the situation a bit! We need gelbe Säcke, please grab some if you find yourself at a city office ;-)
    • Patrick noticed that there was garbage from other people in the bins outside...

New Manager Roles

In February the management team decided to split specific roles between one another to help with organisation. Here is the list of branches each of us is responsible:

Community: Lukas

  • Membership related management
    • entering/removing members
  • Updates on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • Newsletter
  • keeping the calendar up to date
  • General contact for tutors

Inventory: Patrick

  • Commissioning tools
    • Acquisition (Buying and donations/loans)
    • Dealing with broken tools
  • Organise cleaning (e.g. via do-something hours)
  • Reorder consumables (e.g. drinks, screws etc.)
  • waste disposal

Financial: Mitja

  • Keep an eye on the budget (e.g. new tools)
  • Contracts & Payment
  • Tax and make sure we keep our charitability
    • Tätigkeitsbericht
  • Funding applications

PR: Ciaran

  • Networking, sponsorships & cooperations
  • Future location
  • Event support
  • Seminar schedule

This task list doesn't mean that person is working on this alone, but rather they keep on top of the organisation to make sure progress is made. If you have any questions or want to help with a specific task feel free to contact the manager in charge of it.

New (and newly available) tools at the space

  • some tools only need a new QR codes for a complete commissioning

=> also see "Wish List"

Collaboration possibilities

Do-something days

  • We need to do another cleaning event to clean the space
    • Patrick will announce a date (probably on the weekend)

Project Push Sessions

Ciaran is piloting an idea...

Project Push days are days where members are encouraged to push their projects forward with the support of the other CoMakingSpace community members. As well as supporting the progress we'll also support capturing and documenting the progress. With your permission, the documentation would be used to show what’s possible at the CoMakingSpace and so, hopefully, encourage new members to join our growing community. Trial start on 11-12 May. Keep an eye on the calendar for further dates.

People like the idea


Two Marketing Meetings are planned in the coming weeks on Friday 10 and 17 May.

  • The first is a brain storming meeting
    • to review possible options to pitch the CoMakingSpace to various audiences.
    • to look into setting up a focused team with a Marketing budget. Ciaran has a potential donation/sponsorship option to fund the budget so as not to impact the existing CoMakingSpace budget plans.
    • to look into ways to develop our Marketing Media incuding photos/videos/Templates. - For example leveraging the Project Push days where we can help people move their projects forward while capturing and documenting the process with a view to using it (with appropriate permissions etc.) in our new website and marketing material.
    • Planning of an Open Day.
  • The second meeting is to review marketing project progress and priorities.

Current projects that are looking for collaborators


closed issues since the last plenum
new issues since the last plenum


Area Patron Update

Area Patron Update Members Feedback
Electronics Bench Johannes
  • We got a new/old soldering station from Luca - Johannes will document it in the wiki
  • A new donation box for getting new PEI sheets for the printers was installed
any feedback/thanks?
3D Printer Farm Luca any update? any feedback/thanks?
Woodturning Lukas ordered a high quality skew chisel with Georg - would anyone else like to throw in 5 or 10 €? Good tools cost at least 50;
fixed a major safety problem with the Holzmann lathe
Johannes was critical against the self-announced Patron; Martin agreed. The decision of the plenum was to make Lukas Patron for the woodturning area - he is now allowed to put up his sign
Lukas: I don't understand what the problem was, I already volunteered at the April plenum^^
no feedback regarding new tool contributions then?

Who else would like to become an Area Patron (Eckpate)? Areas in need are drilling/screwing and the metal lathes, for example

  • Johannes is now Patron for the CNC router
  • Luzian and Moritz (not present) suggested that they'd like to become metal lathe patrons
    • Patrick will contact Moritz to check again and make sure his wiki eMail forward is on
  • Kim is now an additional patron for the 3D Printers
  • Kim is now patron for the Fridge

Seminar Ideas

  • Patrick will finish up the KiCad seminar this month
    • Will be pushed to June as many people are not present in May that want to participate
  • Martin can do a PlatformIO seminar again
  • Luzian suggested to do a Blender seminar once the V2.8 is released
  • Patrick will do a Fusion360 seminar on the 25.

open discussion (general improvements, etc.)

What did I do since the last plenum?

Instructables Arduino Contest

Patrick applied with his VFD watch project (see plenum from last month) for an Instructables contest. Please take a minute and vote! Search for "Vacuum Fluorescent Display Watch"</shamelessSelfPlug>

BASF Tor 4

Martin presented the application for the funding from BASF

Thanks again to Keno, Lukas, Korbi and Martin for doing this!!

  • User:Luzian has noted concerns regarding Kenos qualification description... (Plenum is drifting from the topics)

What am I planning to do until the next plenum?

What went wrong?

What went well?

  • We applied for funding from BASF to realize a series of hands-on public courses - hopefully they like our proposal, it was already surprisingly fun to write it!
  • two new members this week - please keep telling all your friends about the Space ;-)
  • The BBQ event was great!
    • Luzian bought to little meat
    • The organisation amount was very little and still worked out very nicely - Martin
    • Should be put in the new blog

What should get done at the space (new issues)?

  • wooden rests need to be discarded!
  • food in the fridge will be thrown away every Wednesday (Kim will take care of it)

Next Meeting

A Wednesday in June - how about the 5th?

 Is accepted